About The Gristmill

About the Journal

Gristmill – The Saratoga County History Journal is published on-line seasonally by the Saratoga County History Roundtable in collaboration with the Saratoga County Historical Society. Copies are also available at local libraries and other community locations. The purpose of the Journal is to publish articles related to historical events, economic developments, social and religious trends as well as biographical and genealogical sketches related to Saratoga County, New York. Articles relating local experience to larger national events or trends are encouraged.

The Journal is designed to provide an opportunity for local historians and history buffs to publish their research in a local setting to be shared with readers in Saratoga County and beyond. It is the intention that each Journal would consist of a headline article of between, 1500 and 2000 words as well as two or three smaller articles of about 750 words. In addition, the Journal may include short reviews or references to published books, as well as useful tips for historical and genealogical research

The SCHR encourages articles from both established and new authors. Submissions may be based on prior research, extracts from your published books, or articles previously published in local newspapers or newsletters. Authors are encouraged to update this material based on further research if appropriate.

In an effort to encourage first-time authors, members of the editorial staff  are available to review your articles from concept to completion. Anyone considering writing either a headline or smaller article are encouraged to contact Paul Perreault, editor, regarding your proposal at historian@malta-town.org. Articles should be submitted in Word format and images in web format  (jpg. or png.) to SaratogaCountyGristmill@gmail.com