The Gristmill

The Gristmill is a local historical journal published quarterly by the BAHR.

Fall 2019

  • Franklin Carpenter – Man of Four Wives by Lauren Roberts
  • The Kemp House Fire, Ballston Spa, NY and the Pursuit of Better Firefighting Equipment by Rick Reynolds

Gristmill Fall 2019 1 Fall 2019 Gristmill. 2pdf Gristmill Fall 2019 3 Gristmill Fall 2019 4 Gristmill Fall 2019 5 Gristmill Fall 2019 6

Summer 2019

  • Emma We Hardly Knew Ye by Sam McKenzie
  • William H. Manning by Paul Perreault
  • Politician Memorabilia courtesy of William McPherson
  • Con men cause ‘oil rush’ in 1865 by Charles Hogan

Gristmill Summer 2019 6 page web copy

Spring 2019

  • Lincoln’s Guard by Rachael Clothier
  • The County Printers by Jim Richmond
  • The Remarkable Sherwoods of Ballston Center by Bruce M. Manzer, Ph.D

Spring 2019 Webcopy pgs 1-3

Spring 2019 Webcopy pgs 4-6

Fall 2018 ā€“ First issue

  • Forming History Society was part of community spirit by John Cromie, Esq.
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls ā€“ Honoring our Veterans by Paul J. Loatman Jr., Ph.D.
  • The Father of Clifton Park by John L. Scherer

Link to Gristmill PDF – Fall 2018