Video Projects

SCHR, in cooperation with the Saratoga County History Center is working to develop a series of short videos pertaining to local history. These films are developed and directed by local historians, with videography by Ann Clothier, Education Director at SCHC.

In October 2020, we released “The 1780 Ballston Raid” an 19-minute video on the 240th anniversary of the British Raid on Middleline Road in the Town of Ballston. It can be viewed on You Tube. Simply type in “Ballston Raid.”

During 2022 we expect to release two additional videos

  • A short video history of the Malta Rocket Testing Station under the direction of Malta town historian Paul Perreault, and
  • First in a series of videos on “Forgotten Crossroads of Saratoga County” – a short video history of Rock City Falls under the direction of Milton town historian Karen Staulters.