Oral History

The SCHR has launched an Oral History initiative with a two-fold objective.
First, the team is selecting a sampling of existing oral narratives from several local history organizations. These narratives will be placed on the Saratoga Springs Public Library website through the Saratoga Room. During this stage volunteers will digitize the recordings and screen the interviews
to capture the information (metadata) necessary to make the files accessible via search engines.
In the second stage of the initiative we will be creating new oral narratives of local residents with stories to tell.
Anyone interested in the digitization process, training to become an interviewer, or are willing to be interviewed, please contact a member of the Oral History Team:
              Lori Wies, SSPL – Saratoga Room Director
              Ann Clothier, Brookside Museum Education Director
              Lauren Roberts, Saratoga County Historian
              Mary Ann Fitzgerald, Saratoga Springs City Historian
              Bart Klion, Rutgers University Oral History Program, retired
              Trevor Oakley, Saratoga Springs Public Library
              Roy Arnold, Brookside Museum volunteer
              Jim Richmond, SCHR coordinator