Save Brookside


Brookside Museum to Re-Open in 2020

As a result of the positive response to the “Save Brookside Museum” campaign, the Saratoga County Historical Society/Brookside Museum Board of Directors has announced that the museum will reopen in February 2020 after its normal January closure. With significant contributions from the Towns of Ballston and Milton, as well as support from the community, over $65,000 has been received to date. SCHS/Brookside Museum is now entering the next phase of the campaign to achieve its goal of raising $100,000 by March 2020 to insure the continued operation of the museum and support of its extensive collections and educational outreach programs. 

To ensure the long-term viability of Brookside, a team has been formed to Re-envision the operations of the museum, seeking to expand our capacity to present local history to the community.  An important aspect of this initiative is to work together with other historical organizations in Saratoga County on this shared desire to inspire a love for our past, and its importance in providing perspectives for our daily lives. SCHS/Brookside Museum will be in the forefront of this effort during 2020 and in the years to come. 

To contribute to the campaign, donations may be sent to Saratoga County Historical Society, 6 Charlton Street, Ballston Sap, NY 12020 or visit our web site

To  join the team of volunteers helping to support Brookside with their time AND talent, please contact Roy Arnold at

Contact K. Michelle Arthur, Ph.D., Executive Director, atdirector@brooksidemuseum.orgor call 518-885-4000 for more information on the Saratoga County Historical Society at Brookside Museum

Save Brookside Museum


History Buffs,

Brookside Museum in Ballston Spa which we consider the home of the Saratoga County History Roundtable, is facing the real possibly of having to close its doors due to lack of funds.

Since this situation first became known in mid-October, an ad-hoc group of Brookside supporters have banded together to insure this does not happen. At a meeting at the Museum on Monday October 21, a initiative to “Save Brookside Museum” was launched. A $100,000 appeal was outlined and is now being further developed by a Core Team consisting of seven members- Board members Ervin Murray, Sander Bonvell, Donna Dardaris and Jon Hallgren; Museum Director Michelle Arthur; and SCHR members John Cromie and Jim Richmond. SCHS and SCHR have both issued press releases to bring this issue to the Saratoga County community and beyond.

How can we help? In several ways. Most immediately, the Museum needs a cash infusion of at least $50,000 by year end and another $50,000 during the first quarter 2020 to remain open and continue their programs. As of October 21, over $10,000 has already be raised from a small number of donors. You can help build on that by making a donation through Network For Good on the Brookside website. Please follow the link below.

Secondly, A Task Force has been formed to evaluate Brookside’s current operations and prepare a business plan to place the Museum on a sustainable path to financial viability. Much more on that in coming weeks, but we would ask that each of you consider how you can help. 

You may have ideas for new programs, grants, or fund-raising events. You may have insights into what other history museums do. You may have contacts in the community that can help. You may be willing to be part of an expanded volunteer staff to breathe new life into the museum. If you do, please let us know so the Task Force can maintain a list of these ideas and proceed in an organized fashion. You will be kept in the loop on these efforts going forward. Please share your thoughts and ideas via e-mail to

We see this as both a challenge and an opportunity. Please join with us to save and revitalize Brookside Museum!

Jim Richmond,

SCHR Coordinator